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Welcome to Himalayan Cooking School

Namaste and welcome to the ‘Himalayan Cooking School, Home Stay in Kathmandu and The Organic Village Tour, located in Kathmandu and Dhading correspondingly. The Professional Trekking Guides Team is leading such an amazing Tour Activates in Nepal. Every day is strung together by a collection of experiences that our dearest memories are made from experiences that are challenging, joyous, thrilling and insightful. At Himalayan Cooking School, every day is the start of an impressive Nepali Cooking Course in Banasthali Kathmandu and picturesque Village Tour in Lapudanda, about 130km away from Kathmandu. We invite you to relish each moment as we embark on Traditional Lifestyle, Culture, Nepali Traditional Food, Village Tour, Sightseeing around Kathmandu, Trekking and different types of Outdoors Activities. Appreciate field fresh flavors and one-on-one interactions with distinguished guests from the Himalayan Cooking School, all in the breathtaking setting of the foothills of the Raniban. 
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