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About us

Welcome to Himalayan Cooking School nestled in the Himalayan kingdom Nepal, to explore even the Great Geo-Graphic Diversity, Cultural Heritage, an egalitarian friendly people in this world’s traveller’s Adventurous destination. Nepali Society guided numerous Ethnic Groups with the cultural daily food habit. Well, the Himalayan Cooking School offers daily cooking Course to them who interested at Nepali food habit. It is an opportunity to fulfil your desire together on Nepal holiday.

At first, we left our village, settled in an apartment in Kathmandu. The newly inter-caste married couple dreaming to survive in the capital city of Nepal, opened the little school to introduce Nepali cuisines. Travellers would love to join and taste delicious local foods. Even we arrange all kinds of local tours and hiking as an experienced mountain and city guides. 

Himalayan Cooking School has promoted cooking Skill with our friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staffs. The place located 4 km west of city centre in Kharibot, Banasthali, and Kathmandu. Every day, all kinds of participants can join in our school to learn about and taste the delicious food prepared by you.  Some of the cuisines prepared, such as Nepali Thali, Greens fried, Dal soup, mixed vegetable curry, chicken curry, Chapati, Alu Sandeko and Momos by the professional ladies staff. Each course takes 3 hours time for briefing and cooking. 

How to approach there?
Well. Our location situated outside Thamel, accessed with city buses at Sorakhutte. Let us book the cooking course, afterwards, our staff meet you in your hotel lobby and take to the bus station. Enjoy 40 minutes bus trip in Kathmandu city exploring the Nepalese skills on bus riding, shopping and so on.  Nepalese people are kind to foreigners describes them as an equivalent of the god.  The program is not only included cooking class but also knowledge on daily lifestyle.